Some states are rolling out digital means of verifying vaccination status (aka passports) as the federal government has stalled on streamlining a national process. But experts are concerned a lack of federal guidance could lead to a patchwork of unregulated and unreliable tools. (Politico)

Biogen plans to offer its controversial Alzheimer’s drug, Aduhelm, to certain patients for free, due to uncertainty around insurance coverage, including slow claim reviews by Medicare. The drug, which many experts say lacks conclusive evidence of effectiveness, has a list price of $56,000 a year. (Reuters)

Krispy Kreme is doubling its free doughnut incentive for people who get vaccinated. Through September 5, customers with a vaccination card can get two free doughnuts. (CNBC)

Inside Pfizer’s Pearl River research center, scientists known as ‘variant hunters’ are tracking the coronavirus’ mutations. Researchers are hoping to stay ahead of the virus as it changes by testing how well the current and booster vaccines work against variants, according to a profile of the work. (STAT)

Most nursing homes have notified the federal government they plan to use their long-term care pharmacies to provide booster shots to residents. That’s in comparison to last winter, when the government relied on national pharmacy chains to inoculate nursing home residents. (WaPo)