The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed the warning about who is at risk from COVID-19. The CDC broadened the population of those at risk of becoming seriously ill from the virus. It now suggests that younger people who are obese or have health conditions are also at high risk. (STAT)

Texas has paused its reopening as coronavirus cases spike. The governor halted its phased reopening, which began in early May, as the state continued to see record high daily cases for the past week. (Reuters)

The CDC is considering using TikTok to warn young people about COVID-19. The CDC has found new infections are targeting younger people around the country. “We may need to get out the message that young people are not somehow naturally immune to this virus, although they may be at lower risk of severe infection,” the CDC director said. (CNBC)

Apple introduced new features that allow doctors to monitor patients remotely via the Apple Watch. The tech company updated its motion sensors in the watch, which may allow doctors to monitor the mobility of older patients. (CNBC)

The pandemic accelerated the use of virtual clinical trials. Regulators, pharma companies, researchers and tech startups are embracing the idea of virtual trials that allow doctors to recruit patients, administer treatment and collect data remotely. (CNBC)