U.S. measles cases pass 1,000 in 2019. Nationwide, there have been 1,001 measles cases this year, the largest outbreak since 1992. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said more than 1,500 people have been exposed to the disease. (CNBC)

Trump administration cuts funding for fetal tissue medical research. The Department of Health and Human Services is ending fetal tissue research in the National Institutes of Health and ceasing a research contract with the University of California. Anti-abortion groups have lobbied to stop federal spending on fetal tissue research. (New York Times)

Eli Lilly migraine drug approved to treat cluster headaches. The drug, Emgality, is the first drug okayed to treat the condition. The second indication could differentiate Emgality from its rivals, Teva’s Ajovy and Amgen’s Aimovig. (CNBC)

Peloton filed to go public. The exercise bike company filed a confidential IPO but has not determined its proposed stock price or the number of shares it will offer. Other health startups that want to file for an IPO, but don’t want to give away many details, could follow this path. (Fortune)

Anthem acquired Beacon Health Options. Beacon provides services for conditions like autism, mental health and addiction, along with employee and student wellbeing programs. The deal is health insurer Anthem’s latest expansion into health services. (MarketWatch)