Biogen has ended its Alzheimer’s trials, sending its stock down 29% on Thursday. The company decided to cease trials of aducanumab in Alzheimer’s, which it developed with Japanese pharma company Eisai, after an independent data-monitoring committee reported the drug was unlikely to be successful. The company lost $18 billion in market value from the drop in stock price. (Reuters)

CVS has started selling CBD products based on customer demand. The pharmacy retailer is selling topical creams, sprays, roll-ons, lotions, and salves containing CBD in eight states. CVS is not selling CBD-infused food or drink, which is prohibited by the FDA. (CNBC)

Americans want more government spending on healthcare, according to a survey. The number of Americans who think government is spending too little on healthcare has been rising since 2014. This year, 70% said too little is spent on healthcare, according to the General Social Survey. (Associated Press)

Another jury ruling that Roundup did cause cancer has limited Bayer’s options for defense. Bayer was trying a science-based approach to convince jurors that weed killer Roundup didn’t cause cancer, but a second jury ruled unanimously against Bayer. (Reuters)

The FDA has approved the first drug specifically for postpartum depression. The drug, Zulresso, made by Sage Therapeutics, is a fast-acting infusion. The treatment is delivered over a 60-hour infusion in a clinic and starts working within 48 hours. It is the first drug specifically for postpartum depression, which was previously treated with traditional antidepressants. (New York Times)