Weight Watchers missed on Q1 revenue expectations. The company warned in February that it had seen a slow start to the year. It reported $363.2 million in revenue, slightly less than analysts’ expectations. The company increased its 2019 forecast and said it would lean more on board member Oprah Winfrey. (CNBC)

Pharma lobbying spend has reached a 10-year high. Combined spending by trade group PhRMA and seven major pharma companies reached $70 million in 2018, the highest since 2009. (MarketWatch)

The first U.S. CRISPR clinical trial seeks regulatory approval. The trial will attempt to use gene-editing tool CRISPR against cancer by altering genes to allow standard chemotherapy to work better and longer. The trial, if approved, will go ahead next year. (STAT)

Drugs that suppress HIV prevent sexual transmission of the disease. A study of more than 1,000 gay male couples who didn’t use other forms of protection found that antiretroviral drugs found zero cases of HIV transmission within couples. It proves these drugs that suppress HIV to undetectable levels can prevent sexual transmission. (Reuters)

Teva’s Q1 revenue was dragged down by slowing sales of Copaxone. Revenue at the Israeli company fell 15% to $4.3 billion, as its best seller, multiple sclerosis med Copaxone saw a 55% drop in North American sales. (MarketWatch)