1. Some universities including Stanford University and some of the University of California colleges have created vending machines offering the morning-after pill. The vending machines sell Plan B, pregnancy tests, OTC painkillers like Advil, and feminine hygiene products. (NYT)

2. AbbVie will pay Amgen an undisclosed amount to delay Amgen from selling a biosimilar version of AbbVie’s blockbuster drug Humira until 2023. (Axios)

3. Experts say more states are expected to introduce bills that allow drugmakers to engage in off-label promotion of their products. Arizona is the first state to pass this kind of legislation. (HuffPo)

4. About one-third of adults with type 2 diabetes don’t start taking insulin when their doctors tell them to. The average delay to starting treatment is two years. (Reuters)

5. Novartis is partnering with the University of California, in Berkeley, California, to create a chemistry lab that aims to develop new drug candidates within three years. (Reuters)