Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan are teaming up to form a healthcare company. It will focus on providing coverage for employees of the three companies. Shares of UnitedHealth and Anthem took a hit following the Tuesday morning announcement. (NPR)

A prominent scientist has raised safety concerns about high-dose AAV gene therapy treatments. James Wilson has highlighted disastrous results from an animal study. (Endpoints News)

Takeda Pharmaceutical’s Zika drug was granted a “fast track” status by the Food and Drug Administration. The vaccine, which is in early stages of development, is being tested on 240 patients. The World Health Organization said Zika was an international public health emergency in 2016. (Reuters)

BridgeBio has acquired Novartis’ discarded cancer program. The product showed promise for two indications, bile duct cancer and urothelial carcinoma, in Phase II trials, but Novartis had developed the treatment for a broader spectrum of oncology. BridgeBio is interested in using the drug to treat achondroplasia, a form of genetic dwarfism. (Endpoints News)

Despite the popular narrative, there’s little evidence that preventative care reduces overall healthcare spending, according to results from a federal program and initiatives in Oregon and Massachusetts. (New York Times