Gilead has announced the price for COVID-19 treatment remdesivir. The drug will cost $3,120 for a five-day treatment course for a patient with private insurance in the U.S. The company set different prices for government insurance programs and developing countries. (MM&M)

Bipartisan support of drug price legislation has waned. In an opinion piece, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said Democrats had walked away from a bill meant to lower prescription drug prices. He also accused Republicans of sitting on their hands. (Wall Street Journal)

More states are slowing down reopening as COVID-19 cases increase. California, Washington and New Jersey are delaying the next phase of reopening or walking back on previous steps. (CNBC)

Pharma giants are teaming up to combat antibiotic resistance. Companies including Pfizer, Merck, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Merck KGaA, created a joint venture to acquire or invest in small antibiotic companies and their products. (STAT)

Roche combo therapy for breast cancer was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The drug, Phesgo, was approved for patients with HER2-positive breast cancer. It was also approved to be administered at home by a healthcare professional. (Reuters)