1. Sanofi plans to invest roughly $673 million in R&D for biologic therapies over the next two to three years. About 60% of the drugmaker’s 2016 pipeline is comprised of biologic therapies. (Reuters)

2. An awareness campaign from Sage Therapeutics, which is developing a drug for postpartum depression, has been criticized for its use of images of women with pacifiers in their mouths. (Stat)

3. A poll conducted by PatientsLikeMe found that 95% of patients say that a national healthcare plan should cover major medical expenses and some costs of prescription drugs, among other benefits.

4. Democratic lawmakers used a Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions hearing on drug pricing to share concerns about the healthcare bill being negotiated by Republicans behind closed doors. (CNBC)

5. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center often discharges high-risk patients from the hospital with apps, wearables, and sensors to help clinicians monitor them. (Healthcare Dive)