A Kansas man was the sixth person to die from an illness tied to vaping. Federal officials are investigating the illness, which has affected at least 450 people in 33 states. Health officials are urging people to avoid vaping until the investigation is complete. (CNBC)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s draft drug-pricing bill has been made public. The plan would allow Medicare to negotiate lower prices on the 250 most expensive drugs and apply those discounts to private health plans. (CNBC)

Apple launched three research studies of Apple Watch. The studies will measure the watch’s ability to monitor hearing health, mobility and women’s medical conditions. Apple previously enrolled 400,000 people in a heart study. (STAT)

The Federal Trade Commission warned cannabidiol companies not to advertise disease treatments. The FTC said these companies were advertising treatments for diseases like Alzheimer’s and AIDS without scientific evidence. Other federal agencies like the Food and Drug Administration have also warned CBD makers not to make health claims. (Reuters)

Scientists are rethinking Alzheimer’s treatments after many drugs failed trials. Researchers are expanding beyond previous treatments, which targeted a protein called amyloid, into new territory like targeting the brain’s immune system, treating inflammation and even electrical currents. (Associated Press)