Point-of-care (POC) channels drive three times as much script generation compared to other online channels, according to Doceree’s latest annual report released this week.

The 2022 edition of Doceree 360 examined more than 250 campaigns run on its platform over the last year. The company reviewed what life science brands, POC platforms and healthcare providers (HCPs) said about the campaigns to better understand their impact and improve POC marketing.

The report found that script generation is three times greater on POC channels than other online channels, adding that script lift is about 32% higher in trigger-based messaging, a type of outreach that directly responds to an action by the HCP.

In addition, Doceree found that HCPs spend a significant chunk of their work day on electronic health records.

When marketers are able to “target the right HCPs at the right time,” the report argues, POC campaigns can lead to higher script lifts compared to other channels. Campaigns are most effective at driving up prescriptions when they engage HCPs while they’re taking care of their patients.

“The POC landscape is in its nascent stage and is evolving at a fast pace,” Doceree CEO Harshit Jain said in a statement. “There is apparently a lack of standardization owing to limited availability of data points and metrics at this stage.”

Jain, a 2021 MM+M 40 Under 40 honoree, added that Doceree is “attempting to fill this gap by diving into the multiple POC campaigns we have executed on our platform in the past year to deduce some insightful learnings for marketers.”

Still, many marketers aren’t fully aware of the script lift power of POC, with 87% of marketers in the report noting they didn’t know which medium would deliver the best script generation.

“Marketers benefit from the learnings gathered from the data sets around their target audience to gauge the behavior of their prescribers to effectively share information that enhances their interactions with patients,” the authors wrote. 

Targeting HCPs based on their clinical workflow and patient demographics was key.Other strategies effective at boosting script lift included patient affordability messaging. Thirty percent of new prescriptions are never filled at the pharmacy due to high drug prices. Campaigns that provide information about patient aid programs, co-pay cards or discounts to HCPs can boost script lift, the report said.