What are the game-changing ideas that didn’t come to pass in 2018 that will prove transformative in 2019?

Last year, policymakers issued a directive that DTC advertising include prescription pricing. The stated intention was to reduce demand for “overpriced” drugs and, ultimately, persuade pharma to lower prices.

While assertions DTC is a culprit in driving up costs aren’t new, what’s been absent in the dialogue is the long-term financial value to patients of staying healthy, and the role prescription therapy plays.

In 2019, we expect pharma to evolve messaging to address the financial, as well as physical, benefits of prescription drugs.

Scott Rabschnuk, managing director

Company Profile

We fall in love. We meet people in research. We pore over their social media. We spend time observing, listening, and empathizing with them. And we get to know them. Because we’re genuinely interested in helping them.

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It’s out of this “from the heart” relationship that we uncover their battlegrounds — where people fight their conditions and diseases, fears and struggles, complacency, and even cancer — as they navigate each day. But we also uncover their hopes for a healthier future. And that’s when it happens. We’re hooked. At that moment, we’re left with no choice but to throw ourselves into figuring out how we can connect with them in such a deeply personal and powerful way that we make a real difference in their health and in their lives.

We’re fortunate to work with incredible clients who have groundbreaking therapies and innovative products and services. And we know it’s our responsibility to make sure the people who need them not only know about them, but also embrace them.

When we do our job well, we not only build stronger brands, but can also change people’s lives. And they’re counting on us to be smart, creative, clear, and to guide them along the way. Because understanding complicated conditions isn’t easy.

Navigating the healthcare system, adopting healthier behaviors, paying for medicine and fitness, and winning the battle for better health isn’t easy. Luckily for us, there’s one thing that does come easy: falling in love with the people we’re trying to help. And that’s what drives us to be great every day.

Services and offerings

Hill Holliday Health is a Cannes Lions- and Clio-winning agency behind some of the most respected and effective DTC campaigns in the industry for brands such as Cosentyx, Xarelto, and Invokana.

Our services span the continuum of healthcare marketing, including brand launches, patient support programs, lifecycle management, CRM, and digital ecosystem development.  

Our purpose is to help people win their battle for better health by:

  • Revealing the truth — uncovering insights that connect with people in powerful, unexpected ways
  • Creating ideas that move people — pushing boundaries and inspiring our audiences to act  
  • Never resting — deploying advanced analytics to continually optimize programs and exceed KPIs

Core capabilities

• Advertising

• Analytics and strategy

• Creative technology

• Content marketing

• Customer journeys

• Lead agency management

• Media planning and investments

• Programmatic

• Production

• UX

• Social media

Fast Facts

Address: 53 State St., Boston, MA and 104 West 40th St., New York, NY

Phone: 617-366-4370  

Website: www.hillhollidayhealth.com

Year Founded: 1968

Holding Company: Interpublic Group  

Employees: 125

Sample Clients: Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, ALK, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Optum

New Business Contact: Scott Rabschnuk,  [email protected]