Give a specific example of a content marketing program that broke through the clutter and provided a significant lift for the brand in question.

tom dudnyk

Tom Dudnyk

President, Vivo Agency

Nothing is harder to make tangible than intelligence. With the advent of AI, companies are drowning each other out trying to convince customers that their products are intelligent. IBM created the AI category and has been defining it now for at least five years.

“Smart” is most often used as an adjective. IBM made it a noun with its Let’s Put Smart to Work campaign.

It details Watson’s transformative power across many different industries. This campaign helped rebrand IBM and change its narrative from a hardware company to an AI company. Watson was even featured on 60 Minutes. Watson tradeshow booths have been jammed and the campaign even spawned a copycat in GE’s newly created Edison, which follows an identical construct.

Anne Marie White

Anne Marie White

Head of brand strategy, Fingerpaint’s Saratoga Springs office

The best content marketing programs are rooted in a deep understanding of their customers and provide personalized, relevant content at each point in their journey.

We find that wellness-focused consumers are willing to develop their own custom health profile to align a product to their needs. Therefore, marketers can put less emphasis on deep data and targeting initiatives to focus on hand-raisers.

Hum Nutrition does this well. It lets consumers self-qualify through a fun quiz, leverages social channels and influencers to build upon that platform and provides a brand architecture that brings a personalized wellness journey to life. In doing so, it drives sustained brand success.

Customers aren’t choosing products. Through personalized profiling, content and product alignment, Hum Nutrition products are choosing them.