Here at MM+M, we cover three major topics: medical, marketing and media news.

Obviously, those three topics are in our name, but oftentimes, the latter part gets overlooked and forgotten compared to the prior two.

Sure, we write plenty about prescription drugs, emerging treatments, clinical trial results and regulatory decisions handed down from the Food and Drug Administration.

The same can be said for the marketing component, as this outlet devotes a significant portion of its coverage to ad campaigns and commercials for healthcare brands as well as the medical marketing agencies and leaders that make these concepts come to life.

Over the past few years, there have been various incarnations of the Third M column devoted to covering healthcare media. However, when there is a plethora of medical news and more than 100 agencies to report on, health media can fall by the wayside. 

Still, MM+M recognizes that this space deserves more attention and is excited to announce that the Third M column is being revitalized in order to cover this evolving field.

Going forward, readers can expect the Third M to arrive in their inboxes every Tuesday. This column will cover a wide swath of developments in the healthcare media space.

If a pharma company or healthcare brand is out with a new documentary or media series on a certain patient population, we’re covering it. 

If a prominent healthcare leader is out with a new book discussing aspects of the industry, we’re covering it.

If a streaming platform is out with a movie or TV show that features healthcare-related themes, we’re covering it.

The column will have its focus on traditional media-related stories, but will be open to expanding its coverage area based on how healthcare leaders and brands are seeking to interface with patients. 

Innovations at the point-of-care as well as pharma-specific content are sure to be priorities in addition to rebranding efforts and forays into virtual reality offerings.

As the fragmented media landscape continues to flatten and change with the introduction of different technologies and evolving consumption patterns, we will be following how healthcare brands navigate these dynamics.

If you have any pitches, ideas for the column or questions, please send them my at [email protected].