Boundless Life Sciences and Fuse Health announced Tuesday that they are teaming up to establish a U.S.-based firm.

The two agencies are creating Boundless Medical Communications, which will focus on serving clients in the life sciences sector.

Boundless Medical Communications will have a proprietary advisor and influencer management system supported by the data science and analytics team from Next Practices Group (NPG). This is expected to create a model in online influencer mapping and a digital clinical trial portfolio.

The agency will follow a medical communications plan established by Boundless Life Sciences and Fuse that “aligns with value and access needs throughout the life of a health product.”

Fuse, which was founded in 2009 and has a 20-person team, primarily works with pharma clients and healthcare professional organizations.

Toronto-based Fuse has maintained a partnership with Boundless and NPG over the past year, according to Fuse CEO Stephanie Frisina, who said the collaboration served as the basis for expanding its offerings for the global market.

As for Boundless Life Sciences, the partnership with Fuse comes months after the Austin-based agency joined marketing collective NPG Health and rebranded itself after spending two decades as HCB Health.

Boundless Life Sciences CEO Kerry Hilton said Fuse’s expertise in the oncology and inflammatory diseases spaces will allow for the agency to expand its capabilities into more therapeutic areas and rare diseases.

“Medical communications is a cornerstone to creating and building a powerful narrative for a new treatment that can increase its visibility and value and lead to improved access for patients,” NPG CEO Bob Pearson said in a statement. “Our goal is to develop an offering that characterizes scientific advance, narrates the development journey and illustrates why future treatments should gain appropriate access to provide the most value to patients worldwide.”

Though Boundless Life Sciences’ 2022 revenue placed them just outside the 2023 MM+M Agency 100, the firm made a shortlist of companies on the cusp of the annual industry honors.

Looking ahead, Boundless Life Sciences expects to almost double its revenues with $18 million projected in top line growth boosted by as many as four acquisitions.