TikTok unveiled a slew of automated marketing tools, including a creative AI suite called Symphony, at its 2024 TikTok World product summit on Wednesday.

Symphony facilitates content and creative development, including script writing and video production, using AI. The ByteDance-owned platform is currently inviting brands to test the suite.

TikTok is also using machine learning to predict and automate the processing of pairing brands with the right creative assets and audiences based on their budgets and goals. 

Automation is coming to TikTok Shop, too, including automating bidding, budgeting, ad management and creative for Shop products that factor in affiliate payouts, ad spend and platform fees. 

A new tool, Unified Lift, will combine TikTok’s brand and conversion lift studies to give marketers more comprehensive performance measurements. TikTok also announced Interactive Add-Ons, allowing advertisers to add pop-outs and countdown stickers to TopView video ads.

Creators can now Duet with their Branded Mission videos, as well.

TikTok is housing all its creative tools in a new, central location called TikTok One. Brands can access nearly two million creators, find agency and production partners and pull insights from the TikTok Creator Marketplace and UGC platform TikTok Creative Challenge.

Lastly, TikTok launched a Media Buying Certification program which will award marketers and agency execs a certification upon completing an online exam.

On Tuesday, TikTok launched its Change Makers Program, which will highlight 50 creators from global markets making a positive impact in their communities through TikTok. The platform is also donating $1 million to more than 30 global and local nonprofits, providing each $25,000.

TikTok began testing AI tools earlier this month, including AI-generated search results and labeling AI-generated third-party content. 

Meta expanded its AI labeling policies in early April and announced plans to start labeling organic AI-generated content this month, though AI content remains unlabeled on Facebook. The company is still testing how ads with AI images will be labeled.

TikTok’s new automation tools come on the heels of its NewFronts Presentation, where it announced that generative AI will curate trending and brand-suitable content within its premium Pulse platform. The platform continues to roll out new ad tools amid a potential ban in the U.S. by early next year due to its ownership by Chinese tech giant ByteDance.

This article originally appeared on Campaign US.