An unusual pop-up store is opening in New York City today — one dedicated to all things related to every woman’s scorn, her period.

Presented by U by Kotex, “The Period Shop” is designed to comfort women during that time of the month, while also providing the necessities. The weekend store will sell the brand’s pads, tampons and panty liners, as well as soothing items to like chocolate, sweatpants, ice-cream and “PMS tea.”

“The Period Shop” is the first effort in a new multi-year initiative from the Kimberly-Clark brand dubbed “Period Projects.” The program aims to change the way women discuss and experience their periods, said Lauren Kren, brand manager at U by Kotex.

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The idea for the shop was inspired by a Tumblr post from Sarah Michelson, a New York college student who wrote about yearning for a place where women could feel respected and safe while shopping for pads and tampons, and also have a little fun. Along with products, the store will feature DJs and interactive art and also offer massages.

“There are thousands of stores for women’s clothing, makeup and clothes, but none focused on periods or the period experience,” Michelson said. “I am beyond thrilled that the brand responded with an opportunity to partner to bring it to life.”

The brand is using social media to gather ideas from women for future projects. “It’s about connecting their passion for change and the brand’s passion for change,” said Kren.

This is the latest effort by U by Kotex to offer real talk about periods. In 2010, the brand’s ad, “Reality Check,” parodied the ridiculous ways women on their periods are presented in ads, such as smiling and dancing on the beach. The commercial was rejected by some television networks for mentioning the word vagina.

A video promoting “The Period Shop” has been shared across U by Kotex’s social channels. In the 35-second spot, five women, including Michelson, explain that even though 68 million women get their periods in the US, there is not a single shop dedicated to the period.

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The shop and spot was developed by Organic, with support from Mindshare, KC Connect, Rockfish Interactive and Marina Maher Communications.

All proceeds from the shop will be donated to Susan’s Place, a housing program for homeless women. “The Period Shop” is located at 138 Fifth Ave., near the corner of 19th St., and will be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and until 6 p.m. on Sunday.

This story originally appeared in Campaign.