In this MM+M Fast Break, Jack O’Brien talks with Leila Bahbah, Perrigo U.S. Women’s Health Brand Lead, about how birth control medication Opill partnered with the WNBA.

With women’s basketball as popular as it’s ever been, Perrigo is aligning its OTC birth control brand with the WNBA on a partnership that will elevate the awareness of Opill over the course of the next few years.

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This is an mmm fast break with Jack O’Brien. We’re joined by Leila Baba the perigo US Women’s Health brand lead Laila. How are you doing? I’m doing well. Thanks. How are you? I’m doing wonderful. I appreciate you being on the show. You have a very exciting partnership that just was announced this week. Can you give our audience a sense of what went into that and the finer details we can get into after yes. So this week we announced that Opel is partnering with the WNBA hugely exciting and we have entered into a multi-year partnership that’s truly values based and it’s uniting too game-changing brands that support and Empower women and people who can get 10 become pregnant to celebrate their success. And this is obviously coming at a very exciting time for women’s basketball in general. When did this partnership start to come about? You know, how long was this in the work before was announced? This has been in the works for a little bit of time course absolutely thrilled to be partnering with them and the timing could not have been better with the launch of old pill and women’s basketball being such a focal point of the sports industry right now. Can you talk about that in terms of what this partnership is going to bring in terms of Opel. Are we going to be seeing advertisements at WNBA games gonna be players with sponsorships what all goes into this partnership? Yes, so we are tipping off just to add a little cute little basketball pun our partnership next week at the WNBA draft where Opel is serving as an associate partner. And then additionally we’re working to co-create a college campus program with the wmba where we’re going to be focusing on promoting Health Equity. And then additionally there will be a media plan that were will surround with and social media fan engagement across both Oak Hill and WNBA owned channels. And then lastly where there’s opportunity to surround other WNBA Marquee events. Opel will have a presence there just to support the league create awareness of Opel and educate bands. Where where appropriate. It sounds very exciting. Obviously given that we’re going to see Caitlin Clark who is again kind of redefined women’s basketball women’s sports coming into the league. So I’m sure that’s going to be some great recognition for Opel curious. You talked about wanting to educate and raise the awareness for the fans. What is that been like in terms of obviously, you got the approval last year to go. Do you go over the counter? What is that been like in terms of being able to break into the market and say hey this isn’t an option that women have available to them now. Well, it’s been a hugely exciting and Paragon has a mission of creating access and educating around the safe and effective over the counter contraceptive option. So in terms of our partnership with the wmba, we’re just excited to to be part of the conversation that they’re Vibrant Community is already happening. The week has a social justice Council where their focusing their efforts on Civic duty and reproductive Health this year. So it just such a perfect fit for Oak Hill to join the wmba family and for us to to partner for many many more years to come. Where do you see the biggest opportunities in terms of being able to leverage this partnership? I mean obviously having you know, this this growing Market. It’s got to be one of those things where it’s like, oh, yeah, we’re gonna be able to tap into you know, young women that are you know, this might be their first exposure something like over the counter birth control, but then there’s all so, you know, middle-aged and mothers, you know, where is can you talk to me a little bit in terms of maybe the opportunities that are there in terms of the wide spectrum of consumers. Yeah, so our focus is on People who can get pregnant and are looking to learn more about their reproductive and sexual health and we want to be there to Shepherd them along their reproductive Health Journey. We’ve already on our own accord. We have done a lot in the way of educating through our own social channels and through our strong retail Community who have served as great Partners For Us in building awareness and physical availability of the product both in store and online the wmba just helps us amplify our message of broaden our reach. So we’re able to reach those who are fans of you know the week of basketball, who are You know, maybe Newfound supporters of women’s sports, which is great. So it’s just helping us to amplify our message and expand the reach that that we’re looking to achieve. We’re just we want to be there to serve as a resource at for anyone who needs us at whatever point in time there. They are in their Journey. We just, you know want to provide that easy access. And I can imagine too that not only is it Serendipity is having this timing given that the WNBA draft is going to be next week and all the attention is on Caitlin Clark and and women’s basketball but also taking place in an election year where obviously Reproductive Rights and Women’s Health has been on the ballot curious in terms of just where the brand sits in that regard. I mean, what does the Catholic forward or how does that you know introduce may be some obstacles that period has to navigate? Yeah, there are other amazing draftees in addition to Caitlin Clark, but I’ll shout out a few others like rakia Jackson is very exciting. Kamilla. Cardoso Cameron Brink. Just want to make sure that we’re spreading the love amongst our amazing female athletes, but in terms of your question specifically as part of our mission of educating and building awareness of the safe and effective OTC contraceptive option, we are seeking to tackle in this information and just be Very clear about what Opel is what it does the fact that it’s a daily birth control pill. It’s progestin-only and how it’s different from other options that are available both prescription and over the counter. So really the focus is on. Being clear about what opal is how it works and then additionally tackling any of that misinformation or confusion that we see around Women’s Health and reproductive health. And I can imagine being able to have some of those stars that you talked about as well being able to raise the profile and bring people into the mix to have that reliable information is just going to be so critical going forward. So it’ll definitely be interesting to to see all that in play. Is there anything else about this partnership that you think our audience should know? I just think that we I like everyone to know how thrilled we are to be partnering with the wmba and it’s such a natural fit for us because both Opel and the wmba are making historic moves. We’re changing the game in terms of both women sports and culture on the wmba front and reproductive and Sexual Health on the Oak Hill Front. Excellent. We’ll Layla I appreciate you being on the show here and being able to talk about this partnership and look forward to seeing it all come out in the next week or so. And obviously as it rolls out the next few months and years, so that’s a luck to you and thanks for being on here. I am happy to do it and I hope you catch us at the draft next week.