Best Digital Initiative for Healthcare Professionals: 2015

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Soolantra Tough Topical Digital Animation Video 
Agency: McCann Echo 
Client: Galderma 

Judges loved this impactful campaign for Galderma's new rosacea treatment Soolantra. 

“Great stopping power and relationship to the key product benefit,” said one judge. 

“Effective, cost-effective and graphically pleasing,” a second judge noted. 

The inspired creative illustrates the product's superior efficacy through animations of rosacea lesions and Soolantra cream. Lesions are fat red faces with bulging eyes and pointy noses. Soolantra is a much larger, bright white, chiseled, superhero-esque face.

A video used across channels opens with, “Finally, a topical treatment that puts rosacea in its place ...” The following sequence opens with “In a world where millions of faces are defenseless, rosacea has little to fear. Until now.” Then the superhero Soolantra moves in on a squealing lesion.

Variations on the concept are nicely executed across other mediums. 

 “The creative is strong, particularly the execution,” a third judge said. “The overall experiential aspect was thorough and had strong impact.” 

After eight weeks in the US market, Soolantra reached 6.2% market share of the overall topical rosacea market (9.7% share in the dermatology segment alone). An early postlaunch physician survey revealed 60% brand awareness. 

The agency also reported a steady increase in prescriptions (averaging nearly 5,000 weekly at submission time) and that total revenue was tracking above forecast.

ICON Investigator Portal  
Client: ICON Firecrest 

The ICON Investigator Portal provides unprecedented visibility into, and control over, global portfolios of clinical trials. 

A business -development app, a virtual exhibit, videos and much more drove use in 1,000+ studies in 70+ countries; 250,000+ users; and 80,000+ monthly log-ins.  

Judges lauded the effort as comprehensive, well developed and very effective.  

■ ICON Firecrest for ICON Investigator Portal
■ McCann Echo and Galderma for Epiduo Gel Sphere iPad Experience
■ McCann Echo and Galderma for Soolantra Tough Topical digital animation video
■ Neon and Janssen Pharmaceuticals for Invokana/Invokamet Touchscreen Convention Experience
■ THREAD and Ormco Corporation for The Great Debate—Ormco Custom Product Launch

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