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A Thousand Words About NTM

Nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) is a rare, but serious respiratory disease that afflicts people with pre-existing lung damage from other chronic lung conditions. NTM often goes ignored because pulmonologists prioritize treating those other respiratory conditions. This campaign set out to create an imperative to test for NTM by helping pulmonologists understand what undiagnosed and untreated patients experience.

The creative concept is exceptional. Real NTM patients were paired with a diverse range of artists who created original pieces that communicate patients’ difficult journey to diagnosis.

Tactics included email and banner ads that drove traffic to, which provides facts, case studies, videos, audio stories, and insightful art.

“This is the best creative I’ve ever seen in pharma,” one judge said.

“Having artists represent patient experience was impactful,” a second judge said. “Multiple artists meant there were style, nuance, and emotion that would resonate.”

Other judges praised the campaign’s unique approach and its effectiveness in reaching doctors.

Prior to the campaign, only 16% of pulmonologists surveyed said they would consider testing for NTM when susceptible patients displayed symptoms. In a post-campaign survey, 62% pledged to test patients at its first sign.


Havas Life Metro and Genentech

Bone Conduction Café (Gazyva)

Use of bone conduction technology to amplify sound on a video about a cancer drug helped increase visits to Genentech’s booth at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Exposition by 135%. Eight stations were set up in a café setting.

Judges found the effort innovative, memorable, and effective.


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A Thousand Words About NTM

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