StoneArch and Medela

Through It All

Tapping a diverse group of new parents helped breastfeeding product company Medela connect with and provide support for millennial moms and their families. By taking a realistic look at the diverse lives of new parents, the brand demonstrated understanding of the realities of breastfeeding and its value to families.

Judges loved the realistic take, as well as the campaign’s outstanding content and community-building aspects.

“Nice use of parents helping parents,” one judge said.

“The campaign did a great job of supplying a platform for young moms to support their desire and realistic ability to breastfeed,” a second judge noted.

A social media call for young families to share their stories drew more than 300 submissions. Ten families of varied background were selected to appear across various digital and print channels.

The highly relatable videos feature families talking about ways in which they make breastfeeding work for them. Assets are housed on, as well as on Medela’s Facebook page.

The brand also supported new moms by hosting pumping stations at athletic and professional development events — neither of which typically provides spaces for pumping or breastfeeding.

The campaign reportedly reached more than 1 million moms its first week.


Area 23 and Insmed

A Thousand Words About NTM

Original works of art helped pulmonologists understand the challenges facing undiagnosed nontuberculous mycobacteria patients. This campaign included a film about one patient and the artist who captured her story. In a post-campaign survey, more than 62% of pulmonologists pledged to test for NTM.

Judges found the campaign visually stunning, beautifully executed, and effective.


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