Wunderman Health and GlaxoSmithKline

OTC Launch of Flonase Allergy Relief

The OTC launch of Flonase helped drive $294 million in sales, an 80% repeat purchase rate, and 11.4% of the brand dollar share in the adult allergy remedies category (the goal was 7.3%).

Results wowed judges, who applauded this team for exceptional research, strategy, execution, creative, and branding.

“This highly disruptive campaign in a very cluttered category achieved tremendous results,” one judge said.

Studying allergy sufferers’ behavior and engagement patterns revealed that the target audience isn’t defined by allergies and product information is gathered from multiple sources. This led to a lifestyle-centric campaign approach, a significant departure from the product-centric approach typical in the category.

The single message to “Be Greater Than Your Allergies” is delivered in a variety of ways across channels. houses product information and evergreen content. Seasonal and social content resides on companion microsite Content is also syndicated on retail sites and through endemic placements on such channels as WebMD and Everyday Health.

“We built a library of easily consumable, unexpected content to answer unmet consumer needs around living with allergies,” an agency representative noted.


Arnold Worldwide and Sanofi


This campaign’s unique creative shows a woman in an environment made of paper that’s covered with the negative thoughts and challenges that diabetes patients face. When long-acting insulin Toujeo is introduced, the woman begins anew in a world of blank paper. Judges praised the approach as being highly creative, original, innovative, and memorable.


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