Concentric Health Experience and Lundbeck/Otsuka America Pharmaceutical

Out of the Woods 

With a product approved for both major depressive disorder and schizophrenia, the companies decided to create a campaign that provided cohesion and brand recognition across disease states.

The market was dominated by nearly 90% generics and a dozen other available atypical antipsychotics. So differentiating the product visually in a crowded market was critical.

Looking beyond traditional market insights, the team discovered a simple truth — that major depressive disorder and schizophrenia instill a feeling of losing oneself and never finding a way out of inner darkness.

This insight led to Out of the Woods, a concept that speaks to all stakeholders, reflects patient frustrations and challenges, and offers hope.

The creative features a patient in a forest for whom bending trees and obstacles reveal an exit path. The images let physicians comprehend patients’ perspectives and showed how treatment may help.

Judges loved the visuals, noting they work well across indications and markets and they clearly communicate the patient perspective.

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Area 23 and Insmed

A Thousand Words About NTM

Nontuberculous mycobacteria is a rare, but serious illness afflicting those who have pre-existing lung damage, which is one reason that pulmonologists sometimes overlook it when examining patients who may have it.

So Area 23 and Insmed reached out to pulmonologists by designing an initiative that paired visual artists with NTM sufferers to demonstrate what the disease feels like.

The current plan is to continue the collaboration into 2018.


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