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NTM Isn't Waiting
Agency: Area 23  
Client: Insmed

NTM is an orphan respiratory disease that most often afflicts patients with serious lung damage from other conditions such as COPD or emphysema. 

“Research indicated that pulmonologists deprioritized treating NTM because they didn't understand the extent and severity of the damage that results [when NTM is untreated],” an Area 23 representative explained. “Our goal was … to instill in them a sense of extreme urgency to treat—that every day they wait, more irreversible damage is being done.” 

The brilliant creative shows a pair of wooden lungs being attacked and rapidly eroded by termites to illustrate the dire consequences of allowing NTM to run unabated. 

Judges admired the work, describing it as “dramatic” and praising the compelling imagery. 

“Termite-riddled lungs are a powerful warning,” one judge said. 

The ad first ran in American Thoracic Society Daily during the week of the ATS congress in May 2014. It, as well as all elements of the overall campaign, drove pulmonologists to a dedicated website to learn more. 

Website results included visits from 38 countries, a 35% retention rate and an average of time 3:24 spent on the site. The agency also reported that nearly 10% of the target demographic registered on the site in the first month alone. 

Soolantra: Introducing a Tough Topical Journal Ad 
Agency: McCann Echo  
Client: Galderma 

Judges unanimously applauded the creative approach of personifying Galderma's Soolantra as a superhero type who, poised on a fingertip, stares down the frightened, red-faced rosacea lesions it treats. 

“A very graphical approach,” said one judge. “Well done.” 

Results included 9.7% market share in the dermatology segment after only eight weeks in the
US market. 

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