Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation and MedEvoke

CISCRP Clinical Trial Awareness Exhibit

While there was only one finalist in this category this year, it focuses on such an important issue there was no doubt it would get top honors — especially given the growing awareness of racial healthcare disparities in light of COVID-19.

While the project launched before the pandemic, it zeros in on the well-known problem: Recruiting people for clinical trials is hard. Recruiting diverse participants is far more daunting.

Many factors are associated with low levels of participation in clinical trials, including limited understanding about the personal relevance of clinical trials to public health, and the lack of culturally and community-sensitive outreach and communication. This traveling exhibit is a novel approach and tries to normalize the conversation about clinical research by bringing information directly to the heart of communities.

The exhibit itself had to be easily transported so that it could be set up at locations in Atlanta, Chicago and New York. Displayed at health and community events, the client hired and trained ambassadors to create an attention-getting, optimistic and interactive experience. 

A collaboration between industry, nonprofit, advocacy and media agency, the goal was to connect with communities that knew little about clinical research.

Bright, attention-getting colors helped reinforce the focus on diversity, and reveal panels increased the tactile imagery, telling personal stories and guiding participants through the clinical research process. The frames were made of lightweight aluminum, and came with pins that would even allow them to be set up at outdoor exhibits.

With between three and five volunteers at each venue, working with 10 advocacy, research, academic and research-related organizations in each city, the exhibit achieved its goals, reaching more than 160,000 people in each city.