MM&M‘s esteemed and independent panel of judges elected not to award a Gold for Most Daring Campaign, which is a new category this year. While some excellent and creative unsold work was entered, the judges felt that none of the submissions were precisely “daring” enough, according to the judging criteria, to receive the top honor.



Cervix Dude

This unbranded social media campaign idea didn’t make it to launch. It was intended to educate expectant parents about cervical ripening agents and induced labor.

Research revealed that expectant mothers knew very little about the process of inducing labor, and the majority of them wanted their partners to be more proactive in educating themselves about childbirth and healthcare in general.

Given those insights, CDMiConnect developed a campaign centering on short online videos that feature Cervix Dude, a man-on-the-street character who locates and then asks expectant fathers how much and what they know about how babies are delivered and the role of the cervix in childbirth. The men’s lack of knowledge was often funny and frequently engaging.

The videos would direct viewers to a Cervix Dude website, which would provide education information, resources to establish a birth plan, and branded information about cervical ripening.

“By taking a bold, humorous approach and by using men as a focal point, this campaign separates itself from the many other products and messages in the childbirth category, with the potential to gain substantial viral momentum and inspire greater dialogue with physicians,” an agency representative noted.

Ninety-five percent of expectant parents surveyed said the campaign would engage them and motivate them to try to learn more.