May 01, 2015 - MM&M - Medical Marketing and Media

Print Issue: May 01, 2015

Upward Move: Lou Massaia

“Don’t censor yourself. Believe that if you have a thought that genuinely excites you, it’s worth sharing. Get in the habit of learning how to let it out,” shares Lou Massaia, the newly appointed executive creative director at PALIO. “Even if it’s not the most brilliant or fully connected thought, someone might be able to…

SkillSets: Cello Health Communications

SkillSets Cello.pdf COMPANY PROFILE Cello Health Communications combines science, strategy and creativity to unlock evidence and drive differentiated engagement solutions for a diverse mix of clients in the biopharmaceutical, device and diagnostic sectors.We offer a range of scientific, medical and healthcare communications services, including landscape analysis and assessment, strategic communications planning, audience identification and engagement,…

SkillSets: IMS Health Mobile Sales

SkillSets IMS.pdf Delivers Just-in-Time Insights While the use of non-personal channels is on the rise, the sales channel remains the strongest lever for influencing customer behavior. Ultimately, both personal and non­personal approaches are critical to improving brand ­performance; in fact, all marketing and sales efforts should be customer-focused and aligned from strategy through ­execution. IMS…

Private View: Elliott Smith

Private View.pdf Ever find yourself at a cocktail party stuck with someone who won’t stop talking about himself? As a (mostly digital) creative director, I’m often amazed by how some brands focus so much on selling that they forget to help their targets do more than buy.  Here are some health-focused brands that make for…

EHR Update: Record Correction

Of all the channels through which brands can connect with HCPs, electronic health records have long been considered the most stubbornly and frustratingly impenetrable. Might advances in analytics and cloud technology, among other recent innovations, help simplify the EHR equation? Sarah Mahoney investigates

Loyalty Programs: Beyond the Co-Pay Card

In the past, when pharma companies talked about patient-loyalty programs, what they were really talking about were the financial incentives underpinning them. But in the wake of Novo Nordisk’s successful support program for diabetics, Cornerstones4Care, such initiatives are finally set to evolve. James Chase reports on the shifting focus of patient support