Putting it together: inVentiv merges four shops into two

Mike Myers
Mike Myers

inVentiv is merging four of its digital agencies into two full-service shops: GSW, Fueled by Blue Diesel and Ignite + Palio.

The GSW/BlueDiesel merger forms an agency rivaling behemoths like OgilvyCommonHealth, CDM and AbelsonTaylor in scale. GSW, Fueled by Blue Diesel will boast 700-some employees. Its headquarters will be at GSW's Columbus office.

GSW also has a Manhattan office, plus 26 international offices. BlueDiesel has offices in Columbus and Newton, PA. All will be kept, to better serve clients and fence off potential conflicts—though CEO Joe Daley said conflicting accounts are few. Blue Diesel, with about a hundred employees, specializes in tablets and interactive visual aids. GSW, with nearly 600 employees and many top-10 pharma agency-of-record assignments, is building its digital expertise.

“This is a reflection of the convergence happening across the industry,” said Daley.

The Palio/Ignite marriage also unites a digital shop and a full-service sibling, each with over a hundred employees. Palio, based in Saratoga Springs, NY, handles numerous AOR assignments. Ignite Health, with offices in Irvine, CA and Manhattan, specializes in interactive work.

“We'd been growing into digital work,” said Palio's Mike Myers, who will be president of Palio + Ignite. “With this, we're capable of leapfrogging our competition.” As with GSW, Fueled by Blue Diesel, Palio + Ignite plans to keep all three offices.

Ignite Health's Fabio Gratton and Guy Mastrion will stay on in senior leadership roles, said Myers. Similarly, Daley, who came from the GSW side, said Blue Diesel's Paul Miller and Andy Crawford are sticking around.

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