Best Consumer Print Campaign

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Best Consumer Print Campaign
Best Consumer Print Campaign

Rewards the best series of ads for a prescription drug, medical product or service appearing in any consumer magazine or newspaper.

Digitas Health and Bristol-Myers Squibb/Otsuka America Pharmaceutical

“Me and My Depression” Print Campaign

Approved as an add-on therapy for depression, Abilify competes in a highly competitive category crowded with both established brands and new entrants, several of which, according to the agency, have signifcantly outspent Abilify.

Targeted are patients who have been on a first or second line therapy for depression but still have unresolved symptoms. Many have been depressed for years and feel stuck.

The main objective was to raise awareness of Abilify and motivate patients to communicate their unresolved symptoms and urgent need for something more during their next doctor's visit. The campaign also aimed to drive registration for financial incentives to encourage new patients to start the therapy.

The patients' struggle with depression is clearly acknowledged by the campaign. A unique animation style is used to illustrate patient stories, which were reported directly by patients or discovered in target research. Bringing to life these stories that articulate what a patient's depression looks like and how they became unstuck is the common theme running through the campaign.

“Great art direction,” said one judge.

“Strong all around,” noted a second judge. “Cohesive message strategy. Art direction leverages cartoons with clear, concise messages.”

A third judge was impressed by the insightful approach and noted the ad was “hopeful for a very dark category.” 

The agency said that the animation style “allows patients to project their own unique experiences onto the ad while making it easier to closely identify with the communication and with the brand.”

STRIKEFORCE Communications and Teva Women's Health

ParaGard Print Campaign—“Fits Her Life”

This campaign positions ParaGard IUC as a great choice for women looking for an effective non-hormonal birth control option.

“Presenting ParaGard as a ‘natural' alternative to hormones is a nice idea,” said one judge. “Great art direction in line with the brand idea.”

Another judge noted that the  “clear and efficient” communication of benefits within a “lifestyle” context give the messages great impact and recall potential. 

“Empowering,” noted a third judge. “A very strong campaign.”

The Finalists

• Digitas Health and Bristol--Myers Squibb/Otsuka -America Pharmaceutical—”Me and My Depression” Print  Campaign

• Digitas Health and -MedImmune—”I Pick My Nose”

• Draftfcb NY and Pfizer/Boehringer Ingelheim—Spiriva “Elephant” Print Campaign

• Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals—”Doctor Doing Your Job” (DDYJ) Print Ad

• STRIKEFORCE Communications and Teva Women's Health—ParaGard Print -Campaign - “Fits Her Life”

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