Going for the ultimate goal

Since when was the US better at soccer than advertising?

Bringing back the magic

At MM&M's Leadership Exchange, the passion, candor, enthusiasm and respect were second-to-none

One-product wonders

When it comes to the patent cliff, pharma, it seems, is so over it

Storied in great content

Content marketing is no mystery. It's just the art of sharing good stories

Insight trumps innovation

At any given time, 25-40% of your staff don't know how to do their jobs

Shiny objects with meaning

Gaming does not trivialize the patient's experience of a chronic disease

Five stars for the New Year

In this issue's All-stars coverage you'll find five great industry success stories from the past year. Here, in a nutshell, is why each won

Wiping the slate clean

What if pharmaceutical marketing could start again with a clean slate, reinvent age-old marketing instincts and put in place some things that we think would think might work a little better? What would it look like?

Impatience over patients

The battle for patient-centricity sounds a lot like the fight for digital

The good, bad, ugly truth

MM&M's Career & Salary Survey usually throws up at least one interesting storyline or trend each year, based on an analysis of the numbers. In this, the study's 27th year, I can give you at least three.

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