MM&M's First 50 Years: A Look at What's Changed for Pharma, and What Hasn't

Some innovations are still emerging, while others seem more elusive than ever. You'll find many moments whose impact resonates through time.

Five-Figure Salaries. Big Hair. Pharma, 1987

When the Career and Salary Survey made its debut, in 1987, Eli Lilly's Prozac led the list of mass-market drug launches and AIDS therapy had taken a big step forward with the approval of GlaxoSmithKline's AZT, a year earlier.

With Gender Issues, Details Matter

Were we trying to celebrate these women for having made hard-won progress in gender parity while also perpetuating a stereotype about them?

Why Healthcare Needs "Mad Women"

Besides being the right thing to do, elevating woman leaders confers a competitive edge to companies, a fact confirmed by multiple studies.

Marketers Must Help Decode the EHR for Pharma

Many healthcare marketers still struggle to convey the importance of the digital medium in what is now undoubtedly a mostly digital world.

Healthcare Opens Up to Innovation and Says 'Ah'

Innovation leaders in the healthcare sector say hire experienced staff, centralize your team, and encourage women in innovation to rise up the C-suite.

Report Reflects Pharma's Strained Ties with Payers

Payer pressure was once again voted the biggest challenge by respondents, and medium and large biopharma and medical device companies appeared to be most bothered by it.

Is This the End of Agency Diversification?

DTC and OTC/wellness can borrow from mainstream consumer shops. Professional marketing may pose a tougher sell.

Marc Iskowitz: Our Own Golden Era Has Begun

January marks the start of the 50th annual publication cycle of MM&M. We're also witnessing the industry enter its own technological golden era.

Editor's Desk: Three Problems Ailing the Health Hackathon

Hackathons are a dime a dozen in healthcare. But are they encouraging the community to collaborate on solving the most nettlesome problems, or merely to tinker on me-too solutions?


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