First 'Digital Drug' Faces a Second Litmus Test: Improving Adherence

Technology like this could expand further to form better collaborations between pharma, payers and organized providers.

Memo to New CEOs: Prioritize Diversity

Management turnover has brought the opportunity to keep up the pressure.

Snubbing Intolerance: Frazier's Path Was Disengagement

Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier's exit from a presidential manufacturing council may go down as one of the most principled stands by the CEO of a major U.S. company, let alone a drugmaker.

Gender Parity: A Known Quantity That's Being Ignored

Our goal is to make gender parity a priority, and to keep our spotlight trained on it.

Agencies, Get Ready for a Dose of Clarity

Welcome to what may be the most comprehensive MM&M Agency Top 100 ever.

Keep Calm and Sell Drugs: Your New Daily Affirmation?

To be sure, anything borrowing from the well-known "Keep Calm" genre should not be construed as advice. The doctor is definitely not in.

40 Different Ways to Reshape Healthcare

Healthcare's collision with lower-cost genetic sequencing, mobile tech, AI, and consumerization will transform the trajectory of how we live for the next 10 years.

Is a Crisis Brewing for Watson Health?

In the wake of MD Anderson's costly failure with IBM's Watson supercomputer, a Watson backlash brewing in biopharma may lead to a moment of reckoning in life sciences.

Another Pharmageddon? The Looming Threat to 2017 Ad Budgets

Despite budgets bouncing back from a decrease in 2015, big threats have appeared that may temper future plans, Iskowitz writes.

Pharma/Payer Collaboration: A Kumbaya Moment or a Passing Trend?

The idea is that each gets some of what it needs. Payers gain some control over cost, and pharma may get to stay on formulary.