Is This the End of Agency Diversification?

DTC and OTC/wellness can borrow from mainstream consumer shops. Professional marketing may pose a tougher sell.

Marc Iskowitz: Our Own Golden Era Has Begun

January marks the start of the 50th annual publication cycle of MM&M. We're also witnessing the industry enter its own technological golden era.

Editor's Desk: Three Problems Ailing the Health Hackathon

Hackathons are a dime a dozen in healthcare. But are they encouraging the community to collaborate on solving the most nettlesome problems, or merely to tinker on me-too solutions?

Editor's Desk: Escaping the Shkreli Cycle

Three suggestions for defusing the highly charged pricing atmosphere

Editor's Desk: Salaries on the Comeback

There remains a pressing need for more progress in puncturing the glass ceiling

Editor's Desk: Kim Kardashian West's tempest in a bottle

Could Kardashian West's now-notorious Diclegis social post be more than an OPDP case study?

Editor's Desk: Off-label and on the record

Taking a look back at what's happened—and what hasn't happened—on the healthcare communications policy front so far this summer

Editor's Desk: Intrigues de Palais

Can agencies prove that regulations no longer hinder Grand Prix-level branded work?

Pharmanormal activities

When Monique Levy, one of the most-level-headed analysts in the pharma industry, calls attention to a mysterious phenomenon, you listen.

Editor's Desk: And the researchers go wild

Apple's ResearchKit could accelerate the pace at which industry approaches start-ups building products in the patient-facing part of health tech

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