Best Over-The-Counter Product Advertisement/Campaign

ghg and Essilor
Crizal with Scotchgard Proctector

Essilor saw the potential in ghg when they assigned them the task of creating a campaign for Crizal lenses with Scotchgard Protector.

This OTC campaign made one thing very clear, these are durable lenses that can withstand a variety of situations. The TV ads utilized a “simple idea with excellent execution,” remarked one judge. “Gets back to the basics of good advertising, highlighting unique and ownable benefits.”

The ads had clear vision and used the perspective of looking at the world through eyeglasses with one lens made by Essilor (the Crizal Lenses) and the other a standard lens. “Wonderful ‘perspective,'” commented another judge.

The TV ads targeted adults 35-64 who are currently Rx eyeglass wearers. The company sought to reach consumers who purchase their lenses from independent eye care professionals and motivate them to request the Crizal lenses.

The agency said the marketing challenge was convincing consumers to perceive the value of the lenses by touting how much damage they could withstand. The lenses are shown to remain clear during various forms of weather and physical damage, repelling dust and dirt and are the “most scratch resistant lens on the market today.”

“Nice creative idea,” observed one judge. “Product demo works very effectively at showing the benefits in a difficult-to-sell category.”

In the two test markets, Cincinnati and Kansas City, the portfolio of Crizal products had a growth rate that was greater than the rest of the market.

Anderson DDB Health & Lifestyle and Schering-Plough
Aerius Self-Help

Anderson DDB Health & Lifestyle created a campaign looking to position Aerius as the “power brand for severe sufferers.” The campaign targeted OTC self-medicators and Rx drug users who suffer from allergies all year. The agency sought to reach severe sufferers and increase awareness of Aerius vs. other allergy brands (particularly Claritin) in the crowded category. “Creative technique using laboratory experiment visuals,” said one judge. “Very creative way of depicting different symptoms treated by the product.”

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