Best Overall Advertising Campaign in Consumer Press

EvoLogue and AstraZeneca
Symbicort “Silhouette/Profiles in Asthma Control

These ads feature silhouette characters that were created for TV ads. Judges were impressed by how well the characters worked in print. “Clear messaging and very intriguing execution,” noted one.

The agency notes that the silhouettes were great for allowing various genders, ethnicities and ages to be depicted, though it was a challenge to leverage the silhouette spokesperson from TV to print without animation. The print ads show various silhouettes, while copy tells how asthma control with Symbicort has made a difference in each character's life. The stories were inspired by real stories from asthma patients.  

“The focus on character types helps readers self-identify and take action,” commented one judge. “Simple graphics support a simple message and call to action.” Objectives were to build awareness among patients and motivate doctor discussions, while linking to the TV campaign. The agency also had to establish a platform for Symbicort that would differentiate it from the market-leader's positioning around symptom control.

“In order to maintain synergy between the campaigns, it was imperative that we utilize the silhouette spokesperson, however we needed to find a way to bring the silhouette to life,” the agency said. “We accomplished this by defining patients in the context of what they do and how asthma had previously compromised their sense of accomplishment.”

The agency reports that by August 2008 brand awareness and key message recall both exceeded the year-end goals.

SiboneyUSA and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
BCBSF: The Power of the Human Voice

Recognizing the importance of close consumer relationships, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida developed overall brand positioning around “Personalized Solutions” to reflect its customer-centric, service-oriented approach. This campaign introduces the positioning and starts a dialogue with Hispanic consumers by calling for them to express healthcare needs and opinions on an 800 number or dedicated microsite. Judges found the visuals “compelling” and “engaging,” and they were impressed by the ads' ability to inspire information sharing.

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