Best Use of Direct Marketing to Healthcare Professionals

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Harte-Hanks and MedImmune
2009 FluMist HCP Campaign

The objectives for this campaign were to sell at least 240,000 doses of FluMist and GPs between August and December of 2008 representing a 323% increase over doses sold to this group in 2007; pre-book 480 doses to this audience between January 1, 2009 and March 6, 2009; and achieve ROI of $2 for every $1 invested in the program.

Family practioners and general practioners had never been detailed by a MedImmune rep about FluMist and so had low product awareness.

The foundation for the campaign's success was attributed to database work, leveraging parent company AstraZeneca's existing database—appended by HCP information from MedImmune, and overlays based on state vaccination rates, amoxicillin prescribing and marketing area rankings from historical sales data.
MedImmune's dose goal for target FP/GPs in August to December 2008 was 240,000.
One judge said that the FluMist campaign had a “great focus on objective” while  delivering results with low-cost investment.

The positive sales momentum continued into the pre-book campaign and the program generated 535,000 prebook doses, exceeding the goal of 480,000 and the ROI on the prebook program was over $10 to $1.00.

Another judge commented: “ROI was spelled out really well, especially important for the budget” and the “objectives matched the strategy.”   

MammoPad Select Customer Program

Almost 40% of American women don't get regular mammograms due to discomfort. The creative strategy was designed to help small mammography facilities differentiate themselves as Soft Mammogram Providers. Customers were provided: marketing and Communications Implementation Guide; New Select Customer Starter Kit; quarterly e-newsletter and various marketing materials. The results were impressive. Within a year, one facility increased its patient volume by 23% resulting in 343% ROI.

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