Frontline hits the refresh button on Emergency Medicine

Frontline hits the refresh button on Emergency Medicine
Frontline hits the refresh button on Emergency Medicine

Six years after transitioning from a primary care/emergency physician focus to a strictly emergency medicine focus, Emergency Medicine has gotten an upgrade. Frontline Medical Communications announced the refresh—which includes an overhaul of the website and print publication— just before Thanksgiving.

The revamped publication includes cosmetic changes, such as a new logo and page layouts, as well as some nuts-and-bolts changes, in the form of longer articles, coverage that embraces more topics and a website which Publisher Mark Branca tells MM&M is “one thousand times more engaging.”

Branca says the changes have begun to pay off. He says monthly page views have jumped from 12,000 to 20,000  in the two months since the new site went live. In addition to offering quizzes, podcasts, blogs, video and CME, the online publication now provides top-of-mind news at least once a day.

Branca says daily content is a must for trade publications. He says it is also a feature the publication can now tackle, as a result of the 2012 merger between Quadrant Health and Elsevier's former International Medical News Group that created Frontline Medical Communications.

The publication's print circulation is holding at 30,000. Branca says the current focus will be on the 36,000 emergency medicine specialists, but says the long view includes possibly adding content for urgent-care and emergency physician assistants, because healthcare reform will amplify their role in the health space.

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