New Appature system zeros in on customer behavior

Bob Harrell
Bob Harrell

A CME matrix can be ponderous. Agency whiteboards are filled with possibilities, including how many audiences, how many messages, and how often each target should be contacted. The ideal is that readers interact with every bit of content that makes it into their inboxes. The drawback: a significant amount of waiting to see how much readers engage with the messaging or when they shut down and tune out.

Bob Harrell, IMS Health-Appature's director of marketing says its cloud-based system Journeys, which launched in August, shows how customers are behaving in real time and provides what amounts to a heat map that shows where people are clicking within the email itself as well as where they are interacting within the outlined communication stream.

Harrell says Journeys gives agencies or their clients a real-time accounting of who is in the communication stream and how they are behaving. Second, it lets marketers add new messages or even branches to the communications matrix, providing more opportunities to engage readers.

He says the ease of use is along the lines of programming in the Apple interface vs. MSDOS, freeing up marketers from needing a tech-heavy component to keep campaigns moving.

At the same time, he says the program's cloud setup helps marketers make a quick pivot and halt a communications stream to respond to a regulatory event; the whiteboard equivalent of erasing a dead end.

Harrell says the immediate audience is a mid-tier pharma company. Appature is promoting Journeys at conferences.