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Artcraft Health

Company Profile

As patients' individual needs and expectations evolve, they are becoming more engaged and are in some cases actively participating in their healthcare for the first time. In today's world, health education needs to reach patients in the physician's office, in the home, or on the move.

At Artcraft Health, we understand that. Our mission is to engage patients and physicians and prepare them for an ever-changing healthcare environment. We partner with our clients to break down barriers and create cutting-edge, custom, strategic, multichannel solutions that promote positive health outcomes through clear and engaging patient education.

Services and Offerings

  • Strategy: Branded and unbranded solutions; patient and physician education; awareness, compliance and adherence tactics and campaigns
  • Content: Medical writers, researchers, nurses, PhDs, and clinical educators
  • Creative: Design, medical animation, and illustration related to patient and physician education, including easels, biologic and medical models, posters, brochures, advertisements, and digital tools and applications
  • Digital: animations, biologic educational applications and tools, infographics, gamification, mobile applications, video presentations; website design, execution, and hosting
  • Analytics: SEO, meta-data and keyword implementation, ROI, market research
  • Client services: MLR training, client engagement, and account management
  • Information technology: Software design, developing, coding, and engineering
  • Additional resources: Production, fulfillment, and packaging
  • Artcraft Health services and offerings are created and executed internally for increased efficiency and collaboration.

Core Capabilities

Our core capabilities are anchored in our mission of facilitating positive health outcomes. We strategize multichannel campaigns leveraging our internal capabilities from the traditional to the digital to build brand equity and address unmet patient education needs. We provide solutions and services within our clinical, consumer, medical device and commercial divisions.

What does patient-centricity mean to you and is the industry doing enough to fulfill the needs of patients?

To be “patient-centric,” is the action of empowering patients to become active participants in their healthcare. Our internal research suggests the health and education services that patients want are not what they are receiving. There are clear unmet needs in current educational practices that do not reach or address the individual patient journey. We believe that the future of healthcare will depend on the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare providers, and patients collaborating to improve patient outcomes and that the first step toward that goal begins with delivering clear, actionable, relevant, and engaging patient education.

Address: 39 State Route 12, Flemington, NJ, 08822 Phone: 908-782-4921
Website: New Business Contact: Mike Viscel, Director Business Development,; Brian Schaechter, Director Business Development-Clinical Trials, ­ Year Founded: 2003 Employees: 75
­Holding Company: The Artcraft Group Inc. Sample Clients: Novartis, Gilead, Pfizer 

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