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Company Profile

TrialCard offers the industry the largest portfolio of patient access solutions for pharmaceutical brand needs.  The people of TrialCard are at the foundation of every solution. With nine patents for innovative solutions, our people have shown that their creative thinking, and determination sustain our success. TrialCard employees bring years of pharmaceutical industry experience, project management, strategic military experience, and customer service into an entrepreneurial culture.

Services and Offerings

• Patient Access Resources (Co-pay, Voucher, Prescriber Feedback, Adherence)
• Rx Abandonment Solutions
• Customer Experience Management
• Brand Support Hub
• Pulse Analytics

TrialCard has established itself as the largest provider of patient access programs in the industry, processing over $1 billion in patient benefits per year to help brand manufacturers achieve their goals with prescribers, patients, and pharmacists. For TrialCard, patient access covers a number of different channels that include:

• Traditional Patient Access Solutions delivered via co-pay and voucher
• Pharmacist-delivered Patient Access Solutions for prescriptions that would previously have been abandoned
• Direct-to-Patient Access Solutions proven to affect adherence
• Tele-detailing Solutions that improve patient access to prescribed care
• Highly integrated Access Channel for Integrated Hub Product Access connecting provider, specialty pharmacy, payer, patients, and caregivers

Rx Abandonment: TrialCard has a proven solution for prescription abandonment. In a 6-month beta test, results demonstrated that 1 out of 5 patients, who would have abandoned their prescribed medicine, filled the prescription as directed by their physician.

Customer Experience Management: TrialCard's award-winning Customer Experience Center offers customer-focused solutions to support your initiatives. Our solutions reached the target prescriber 60% more often than standard tele-detailing at 7% of the cost of a traditional sales force.

• Share of Voice—Targeted outreach to deliver your brand message
• Product Safety—Full-service, customizable support for product quality complaints, medical inquiries, and adverse event communications
• Customer Service—24/7 support from informed representatives

Pulse Analytics: TrialCard Pulse Analytics provides multiple levels of analysis of physician profitability, geographic performance, and offer effectiveness. TrialCard partners with your brand to provide robust program tracking, insight into market trends, and strategic suggestions for meeting goals and the needs of your patients.

What does patient centricity mean to you and is the industry doing enough to fulfill the needs of patients?

Improving patient access to care is a patient-centric approach that improves patient outcomes. Innovative patient centric solutions combined with patient-focused analytics ensures dedicated ROI for brands. There has been a surprisingly low level of activity on the evaluation of quality patient access solutions. We mistakenly assume that programs work because more prescriptions are being written.

Analytics help us:
• Understand the relationship between the frequency of use and access solution
• Measure patient persistence over time
• Identify and profile the most responsive MDs by class
• Construct predictive models for patient adherence

Analytics help a brand program become patient-centric which maximizes brand and patient ROI. 

TrialCard Incorporated® provides a comprehensive portfolio of Post-Script Solutions™ at Point of Care, Patient Access Management, and Point of Sale for the life cycle of pharmaceutical brands. Since opening its doors in 2001, TrialCard has been awarded multiple patents related to the processing and marketing of patient access programs. TrialCard is the largest provider of patient access programs in the industry, processing over $1 billion in patient benefits per year to help brand manufacturers achieve their goals with prescribers, patients, and pharmacists. For more information on TrialCard, please visit

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