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Senators press Gilead over Sovaldi price

Senators press Gilead over Sovaldi price

In the latest chapter in the Sovaldi pricing saga, Senators Ron Wyden and Charles Grassley urge Gilead to clarify Sovaldi sticker shock.

Experiment cuts cancer costs, ups drug spend

UnitedHealthcare finds drug costs more than doubled.

France ponders off-label Avastin

French lawmakers have the chance to vote for off-label use of Avastin, potentially eating into the turf of higher-priced Lucentis.

Insurers put in bid for biosimilar naming

Health insurers and pharmacies signed a letter asking the FDA to require biosimilars and branded biologics to share the same name.

Omega-3 drugs angle for trig-lowering awareness

Omega-3 drugs angle for trig-lowering awareness

Celebrity endorsement, co-pay cards and online edutainment are some of the ways marketers are dueling for attention in the prescription omega-3 space.

CMS site guides patients through insurance coverage

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services launched a new site Monday to help patients understand how to use their health coverage.

Italy: Use Avastin off-label

The Italian Medicines Agency is guiding patients away from Roche's costlier AMD-indicated Lucentis.

Oregon seeks HCV Rx waiver

The Oregon Health Plan wants to keep hep. C medications Sovaldi and Olysio off its list of covered treatments.

CVS specialty goes retail

CVS specialty goes retail

Patients will now be able to submit specialty prescriptions at the national chain's retail stores.

Insurers pay docs to stick to regimens

Companies including WellPoint and Highmark are deploying financial incentives for doctors to stick with recommended cancer treatments.

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