Novo Nordisk refreshes diabetes online presence with Cornerstones4Care

Novo Nordisk refreshes diabetes online presence with Cornerstones4Care
Novo Nordisk refreshes diabetes online presence with Cornerstones4Care
Novo Nordisk is launching an online support program for diabetes patients, dubbed Cornerstones4Care, that promises patients one-stop shopping for diabetes information and product information.

They can also get recipes, calculate nutritional values, connect with other patients and get daily action plans tailored to their lifestyle and information needs, along with strategies for dealing with special situations like travel. They can even download coupons for up to $250 off copays for Novo Nordisk diabetes products.

The site focuses on four “cornerstones” of diabetes control – checking blood sugar, eating healthy, exercising and taking medications.

“We wanted to provide diabetes patients with a wide range of information and support in these four key areas of diabetes management to help them achieve their personal goals,” said Camille Lee, VP, diabetes marketing. “Whether you're newly diagnosed or have been living with diabetes for a long time, everyone needs ongoing support to stay engaged and on track with their diabetes care, and Cornerstones4Care was developed to do that.”

The site, which will replace the Changing Life With Diabetes site, can tailor information based on whether the user tends to eat out or cook at home. A “Menu Planner” feature allows members to create their own menus and automatically generate shopping lists.

The site will be promoted through banner ads and ads in targeted publications, including Spry Magazine and endocrine- and diabetes-focused titles.

Several pharmas have apps for diabetes patients on the market, including Sanofi-Aventis's carb counter GoMeals and, most recently, Merck's Vree. A Novo Nordisk spokesperson said the company decided to start with a website because only a small number of type 2 diabetes patients are using mobile devices, though the company is exploring avenues for apps down the road.
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