Lucy Rose

Illustration credit: A.E. Kieren

Lucy Rose, President/owner, Lucy Rose & Associates

Rose has one of the easiest-to-explain missions of any of MM&M's Healthcare Transformers—which doesn't mean that the gig itself is an easy one. She's one of the few individuals widely trusted to help pharma and health-tech organizations navigate the increasingly complex healthcare regulatory process.

“I work to disrupt the traditional model of drug development and commercialization,” Rose says. “I call it ‘backwards planning': developing drugs with clear knowledge of claim needs and studying these claims in clinical trials.”

Given Rose's background—she spent six years as a director in the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research—healthcare entities would be wise to heed her advice. In that role, she oversaw leadership development, change management, training and internal and external communications. Her expertise extends to marketing programs as well, dating back to her seven years “carrying the bag” for Bristol-Myers Squibb. “Often, less is more. Fewer materials can mean better commercialization.”

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