Elizabeth Hefner is a powerhouse. In just 10 years, she rose from an account coordinator to VP of marketing at Skipta, a social network for medical communities — all while earning a master’s degree in marketing analytics from Bentley University.

Hefner started her career at Skipta by developing the then-fledgling company’s marketing and communications plan, a process that involved revamping its website and corporate branding. During this time, Hefner was instrumental in the development of Skipta’s annual marketing plans, budgets and strategic partnerships. 

Having more than proven her qualifications, Hefner was promoted to VP of marketing in 2015. 

Thanks to her abilities, the position has since expanded to include managing the company’s analytics, member services and client operation departments, as well as overseeing the technology department. Hefner has somehow also found the time to spearhead the development and roll out of multiple new systems that automate and streamline manual processes, making the company’s internal processes more efficient. 

In addition to her professional achievements, Hefner is a true team player who invests in and learns from those around her. “She treats people with respect and has a collaborative leadership style and approach,” said Katherine Moyer, Skipta’s senior director of member services. “She teaches people without them knowing she is teaching and is a continual learner; she is open to learning from everyone within and outside the organization.”