Five things for pharma marketers to know: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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1. Express Scripts said it miscalculated how many cardiologists would prescribe PCSK9 inhibitors, a new class of cholesterol-lowering drugs that includes Amgen's Repatha and Sanofi's and Regeneron's Praluent. As such, a surge in sales of the drugs is unlikely to occur this year. (Reuters)

2. Research shows that the benefits outweigh the risks in taking osteoporosis drugs, which have declined in use in recent years. An analysis published in the New England Journal of Medicine said that the drugs prevent 100 fractures for every 1,000 women with osteoporosis who have been in treatment for five years. (WSJ)

3. Some physicians are learning how to better understand patients' financial worries when it comes to cancer care. Worrying about the cost of cancer treatment is called “financial toxicity” and can cause physical and emotional damage to patients, including choices like delaying treatment or partially filling medications. (WSJ)

4. Repeated use of proton-pump inhibitors like Prevacid and Nexium are linked to developing a higher risk of dementia, according to a study. Users of the drugs were 44% more likely to develop dementia than those who did not take the gastric-reflux medicines. (Reuters)

5. Mosquito repellent sales are up due to concerns about the Zika virus, which is carried by mosquitos. Retailers and brands are also increasing their spending on merchandising even as drugmakers consider whether to enter the race to develop a vaccine. (Ad Age, MM&M)

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