Best Digital Initiative for HCPs

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Growing an online learning community, SurroundHealth, for healthcare extenders
Growing an online learning community, SurroundHealth, for healthcare extenders

Recognizes excellence from any digital programs targeting healthcare professionals, such as CRM programs, e-detailing, e-CME, online video, 3D animation, interactive live exhibits, video games and interactive sales training for reps


• Digitas Health and Amgen for “Manufacturing Matters with Biological Medicines Website”

• HealthEd and HealthEd Academy for “Growing an online learning community, SurroundHealth, for healthcare extenders”

• ICC Lowe and MSD Animal Health for “Activyl ‘Ditch The Itch'”

• Klick Health and Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company for “Velcade iPatient App”

• McCann Torre Lazur and UCB for “Vimpat interactive Ad”

HealthEd and HealthEd Academy
Growing an online learning community, SurroundHealth, for healthcare extenders

SurroundHealth is an online learning community for such healthcare extenders as dietitians, nurses, pharmacists and certified health education specialists.

One judge applauded it as “the best online community for an ‘extended' audience.”

HealthEd explained that paid member acquisition campaigns conducted in SurroundHealth's inaugural year were expensive and yielded a limited number of new members. The aim in April 2012 was to find lower-cost ways to acquire and engage members, while creating a common thread of interest among healthcare extenders.

Working on a $185,000 budget, objectives included tripling the size of the community. Focus was placed on the three highest-interest content tracks—professional development, the art and science of patient/health education and healthcare trends, especially the use of technology.

“Easy to learn, easy to earn, easy to share” were “three pillars of engagement” used throughout the campaign. Tactics included social media grassroots promotion, in-person promotion conferences, free learning webinars, paid opportunities to participate in research and free copies of published research reports.

A second judge was impressed by the “highly strategic” nature of the effort. 

The campaign exceeded all goals. Membership increased 383% to 4,600. Webinar participation climbed 600%, and HealthEd noted attendance exceeds industry benchmarks with 51% of registrants attending the live event.

HealthEd also reported upwards of 2,000 member visits month-to-month, with visitors averaging 6:20 minutes per visit and viewing 6.17 pages.

Digitas Health and Amgen
Manufacturing Matters with Biological Medicines Website uses infographics and videos to help stakeholders understand the nuances of biologics manufacturing.

“Great strategy through execution,” said one judge.

Results on a $200,000 budget included nearly 1,500 visits within two weeks of launch, and 3,300 visits in the first month.

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