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Company Profile 
Medscape, LLC is an ACCME, ANCC and ACPE accredited provider with a dedicated editorial staff that develops and publishes independent educational content on 33 specialty-focused websites. In 2007 these sites provided:
  • >3,000 CME activities 
  • >3 million participants 
  • >1.5 million physician visits each month
Services and Offerings
High Quality Medical Education
Medscape, LLC publishes a range of clinically focused original content, collaborates with leading institutions, and distributes content developed by others. Each of our specialty sites offers certified med ed activities through the largest selection of formats available online.

Guaranteed Distribution to the Largest Online Membership Base
Our registered US membership is consistent across the majority of specialties and allied health professions, and allows us to provide reader and certificate guarantees to each CME activity. Our membership includes:

  • 500,000+ Physicians
  • 120,000+ NPs / PAs
  • 490,000+ Nurses
  • 100,000+ Pharmacists

Robust Reporting, Needs Assessment & Outcomes Evaluation
As an online provider, Medscape captures relevant member interactions on our CME activities, and provides standard monthly reporting. Our partnerships with outcomes evaluation leaders enable us to provide third party analyses of our activities individually, in series, as curricula, and across condition states. 

Case Study
Following is a sample CME activity that Medscape developed, certified and distributed in collaboration with a governmental institution, an academic medical center and a research organization.
Needs Assessment: Based on an Institute of Medicine (IOM) report that US healthcare providers commonly fail to attend to psychosocial health issues of cancer survivors and their families, the IOM and other government agencies have recommended changes to the way health professionals are trained on standards for delivering effective psychosocial and supportive care for cancer patients and survivors.1 To address the need for improved supportive care of the cancer patient, a government agency commissioned an academic medical center team to develop a comprehensive educational curriculum in palliative care, and distribute it on Medscape to the target provider audiences.
Of the >20,000 participants who completed the activity: 
  • 6,438 were physicians
  • 12,392 were nurses
  • 1,026 were nurse practitioners
>85% of participants completed the evaluation questions and “agreed” or “strongly agreed” with the statements below:
  • The activity supported the learning experience (98.9%) 
  • The material was organized clearly for learning to occur (98.6%)
  • The content learned from this activity will impact my practice (93.7%)
  • The activity was presented objectively and free of commercial bias (99.5%)
  • Would recommend the activity to others (98.7%)
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