How to Win an MM&M Award

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Back in October 2008, more than 700 healthcare marketing and media executives flocked to Tavern on the Green in New York to celebrate the industry's best work with its brightest stars, and to be part of the excitement as the MM&M Award winners were revealed for the first time and called to the stage, one by one, to rapturous applause.
These are halcyon moments for pharma marketers. Winning an award means that the work you have produced is of such a high standard in terms of its creativity and effectiveness that our independent judging panel—more than 40 of the industry's finest leaders and thinkers—deemed it the best in class.

Once again we will be throwing the best party in the industry to announce the winners, present the trophies and celebrate their success. To help you beat your peers to the podium, we thought it would be a good idea to recall three of last year's gold-winning campaigns and take a closer look at why each one triumphed. Each of these submissions has an interactive bent, but the principles of winning apply equally to all entries across the 23 categories: Creativity and effectiveness, and a well put-together submission that clearly states the results.
And to help you further, we have compiled some basic Dos and Don'ts to consider when you are entering. Most of these points may seem obvious to you, but we all know how scarce time is and how quickly these deadlines loom—so make sure you give yourself and your work the best chance for glory.

Best Interactive Initiative for Consumers
Ignite Health and Advanced Medical Optics
Intralase—Reality LASIK: Reaching Gen Y through Video, Social Networking and Viral Marketing

What they did:
To promote LASIK eye surgery to a young, media savvy and skeptical demographic, Ignite used their preferred media—video, blogs and social networking—and a popular reality star, Kristin Cavallari, to dispel fears of laser eye surgery and increase procedures.

Why it won:
The campaign was well-researched, innovative and successful, and the submission included details of budgets and results—namely an 11.5% increase in procedures and a 1.2% hike in market share.

What the judges said:
“One of the best uses of social networks I've seen—a well-integrated online campaign that supports the brand strategy.”
“This is truly a contemporary form of advertising and the future.”

Best Interactive Initiative for Healthcare Professionals

Group DCA and Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals
Levaquin—TV Commercial Builder

What they did:
Group DCA and Ortho-McNeil's PriCara division sought to reaffirm the efficacy of Levaquin in treating chronic bacterial prostatitis by inviting doctors to try their hand at directing a TV commercial for the antibiotic. An interactive platform quizzed doctors at various intervals and allowed them to direct an ad by assembling a series of animated scenes and audio in the sequence of their choice.

Why it won:
The campaign's objectives were clearly laid out and the execution was highly creative and innovative, tapping into the value of engaging and stimulating the target audience. Over 3,000 physicians completed four waves of the campaign and the ROI exceeded 700%.

What the judges said:
“Refreshing approach toward engagement with the key messages of Levaquin. The use of data collection provided Levaquin with a mountain of information to use for future promotional efforts.”
“A nice update to the more staid ‘Build a detail aid' approach. Offers valuable education, market research insight and engagement.”

Best Total Integration for Large Companies

Elite Marketing Communications and Siemens Healthcare USA
Magnetom Essenza—Win an MRI Campaign

What they did:
Siemens and Elite invited 1,500 rural and community hospitals to win a Magnetom Essenza MRI by submitting an online video to a website, and encouraged the public to vote for the winner.

Why it won:
An ingenious campaign that leveraged the growing popularity of internet viral video and the success of voter-driven pop-culture phenomena like American Idol.  More than 100 hospitals posted videos for a total of 2.7 million page views and 1.4 million votes. In the first half of 2008, Siemens had booked sales of 27 Essenzas.

What the judges said:
“A terrific idea, executed with real heart, engaging key customers and communities, meshing TV, online and more.”
“Highly innovative. They engaged the community around the market niche.”
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