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Norm Alger is VP/Group Director, Creative at Digitas Health.
Norm Alger is VP/Group Director, Creative at Digitas Health.

Health is everything. Whether people are trying to access clean drinking water, taking measures to avoid contracting disease or simply adhering to their medications in order to maintain health, all these actions play crucial roles in their well-being.

I'm proud to work in an industry that trains all of its sights on health. We are on the precipice of amazing advancements in medicine and the technologies that support human health, all the while being ever vigilant regarding how our efforts impact Mother Earth, as she will sustain ­billions more of us as we live longer and become more and more of a burden to the planet we all call home.

Here are examples of some elegant initiatives from very smart people to put a substantial stake in the ground toward these rather-monumental global efforts.

  • The Medicine Abuse Project

Agency: Hill Holliday

 Taking on teen prescription-drug abuse by creating an awareness campaign helping families to take prevention seriously. A clever PSA juxtaposes a mother's mirror reflection with her own son's to underscore what could be happening right under her nose. . 

  • My Status Is Not A Secret

Agency: Column Five

An HIV educational website bold, simple and effective in design, supported by powerful messages and motivation to get tested. (Visiting the website reveals how the movement spawned very close to home.)

  • Beauty Is Bone Deep – Defiance

Agency: Energy BBDO

A high energy, youthful spot for a calcium supplement with a surprise ending. Computer graphics … but not just for computer graphics' sake.

  • #itouchmyselfproject

Agencies: Soap Creative & JWT Sydney

Early detection is among the keys to treating and beating breast cancer. With a one-in-eight ratio of diagnosis for Australian women, awareness is paramount. Chrissy Amphlett, singer for The Divinyls, passed away after battling the disease. Her “I Touch Myself,” popular in the '90s, became the project's iconic vehicle. The campaign, which launched on her passing's anniversary, includes the ability to upload your own B&W #itouchmyselfie.

  • Water Is Life - Hashtag Killer

Agency: DDB New York

I'm rewinding a bit on this one, but it's well worth it. Using a multifaceted approach with TV, print and online videos, the effort highlights first-world tweets against third-world scenes, all in conjunction with social-media efforts. The messages and the movement as a whole are quite powerful.

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