The CDC wants to put colorectal cancer screenings on the top of people’s to-do list — with a funny twist. In the PSA “Bums and the Bees,” a father sits down to have “the talk” with his 45-year-old son, reminiscent of the awkward sex talk between parents and kids. 

“As you get older you may notice that your body is starting to change,” Dad says. “In fact, some of your older friends might already be doing it.” 

His son is confused, thinking his father is giving him a decades-too-late sex talk. Dad reassures him that “your mother and I have done it, and we’re happy to tell you all about it,” before handing him a pamphlet. The son is relieved when he sees it’s a brochure about colorectal cancer screenings. “You could have started with this,” he says. 

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This story was originally published by Campaign US.