Evoke Group is reorganizing its eight-agency network into one more simplified structure and brand: Evoke.

Agencies being moved under the brand include Evoke Health, digital pharma agency Firsthand, multicultural agency Fabric, digital health consultancy Traverse HealthStrategy, branding firm Nitrogen Health, healthcare PR firm Tonic Life Communications, and media agency AboveNation Media.

Evoke is doing away with the agencies’ individual names; instead, Evoke will have six focus areas based on each shop’s expertise: professional marketing, consumer and patient marketing, market access, PR and influence, media, and consulting.

The network is restructuring in response to clients seeking to consolidate their marketing work with one agency or holding company, said Evoke founder and CEO Reid Connolly (pictured above).

“Our goal is to streamline and make our messages to the industry more succinct, simpler to understand, and more persuasive to both clients and prospective talent,” he said. “As clients are looking to consolidate with one agency group, we found ourselves, more often than not, pitching as Evoke Group rather than the subagency brands. This [rebrand] is a formalization of how we’ve been operating.”

The members of Evoke’s leadership team will remain the same, but the CEOs of the rebranded agencies will receive different titles based on their specialty or geographic area. Connolly and Evoke COO Heather Torak will retain their roles.

Evoke Health’s Tom Donnelly will become North America president; Jon Clark of Nitrogen will transition to Europe president, Maryellen Royle of Tonic Life Communications has been named president of PR and influence; AboveNation leader Steve Minichini’s new title will be president of media; Eric Daly of Firsthand has been named executive director of HCP and payer; and Traverse’s leader Bryan Russiano will be MD of consulting.

The six focus areas were chosen by Evoke’s biggest areas of expertise and growth opportunity, Connolly said.

“These areas are where we can find the most value by working together,” he explained. “It’s more complex than ever, and this helps us to help our clients navigate the complexity of the market and we can work holistically with clients across the board.”

Last month, Evoke added another agency to its network: San Francisco-based creative shop Giant. The acquisition was part of an effort to expand Evoke’s presence to the West Coast and add expertise to its healthcare professional marketing capability.

Giant will have a separate brand name than the rest of the agencies, with the firm being rebranded as Evoke Giant because it is a new addition to the group and Evoke wants to continue to “make the most of the equity and reputation that Giant has,” Connolly said.

In 2017, the group reported $92.3 million in revenue, a 42% increase over the previous year. Evoke parent company Huntsworth Health saw $143 million in revenue in 2017.