Havas Health & You is introducing a new Miami-based collective – Havas Mango – that will look to transform how consumers experience wellness through immersive, unique virtual and digital platforms and technology.

The idea for Havas Mango originally derived from the fact that consumers put a major focus on wellness in 2019. Now, health and wellbeing in people’s lives are taking on whole new meanings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Every category has been tested in multiple ways over the last few months, and numbers of them in their fluency in alternatives types of customer engagement and the need for adaptive, new ways of serving consumers,” said Donna Murphy, global CEO of HH&Y, in a statement.

She added that while the plan for Havas Mango was in place well before the current crisis, the agency’s importance is even greater now.

“We see wellness as an even greater global need as we look ahead, along with a continued evolution in virtual experiences and emerging technology,” said Murphy. “Mango is the right business with the right people to meet these needs.”

Havas Health & You decided to launch the collective in Miami because of its vibrant, youthful atmosphere.

Associate Managing Director Tristan Stevens, who has more than a decade of agency experience, is leading the Havas Mango team, but the shop functions on a “flat” basis, with no hierarchy. The reason for how it operates, according to Stevens, is because it’s “hiring for mindset plus skillset.”

She added: “We’re looking for passionate wellness advocates and building flat team structures that encourage collaboration above all else. If there’s a convention in the industry that we feel needs to be broken, we’re looking to break it, and do so with a sense of mission for supporting better wellbeing and for the future of creativity as it merges with new forms of technology.”

This article first appeared on campaignlive.com.