Real Chemistry announced a strategic partnership with Writer, a generative AI platform, Tuesday morning.

Through the arrangement, the 2023 MM+M Agency 100 honoree will have access to Writer to focus on “creativity, strategy and innovation in creating content,” the company said in a press release.

The agency acknowledged the widespread popularity of generative AI in light of the meteoric rise of ChatGPT over the past few months and sees opportunity to leverage those innovations in the marketing and communications space. 

“Extending our AI investment with Writer will improve the quality of our work and open new ways to reach patients and healthcare providers with accessible, personalized content at scale, benefitting our healthcare clients and the industry as a whole,” Simeon Simeonov, chief technology officer at Real Chemistry, said in a statement.

By partnering with Writer, Real Chemistry also expands its AI products and services portfolio, which already has the company’s Insights System with ChatGPT, conversationHealth, Integrated Intelligence as well as Swoop.

In its Agency 100 profile, Real Chemistry CEO Shankar Narayanan said the company has readily embraced the promise and power of this technology.

The newfound embrace of its AI + Ideas initiative has become the “organizing principle for the entire agency,” adding that AI has “become the glue” to make communications more insightful.

For Writer, the partnership bolsters its foothold in the healthcare and life sciences industries. Writer CEO May Habib said generative AI has the potential to make healthcare more “accessible, empathetic and fine-tuned” to the needs of patients and HCPs.

“Writer is committed to delivering excellent generative AI for the healthcare industry, and we are excited to partner with Real Chemistry on healthcare-focused large language models and the many use cases they enable,” Habib added.

This collaboration is the latest indication that healthcare’s fascination with generative AI and similar innovations is likely to have staying power.

It follows the announcement last month that Google Cloud and the Mayo Clinic would be joining forces to use the Enterprise Search on Gen App Builder to improve clinical workflows for clinicians and researchers.

A few months before, Moderna teamed with IBM on its Quantum Accelerator program and Quantum Network to boost its approaches to drug development.